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Case Study: 10x Genomics deliver their global virtual events with VX

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10x Genomics deliver powerful, reliable tools that fuel scientific discoveries and drive exponential progress to master biology to advance human health. Cited in more than 6,100 research papers, their innovative single cell, spatial, and in situ technologies enable discoveries across oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and more.

The Challenges

For 10x Genomics, a leader in biological research technology, the international conference scene is of huge importance and with a global shutdown in 2021, 10x Genomics needed to deliver their global virtual events programme.

The inaugural event, Xperience 2021, launched the 10x Genomics event program. This virtual experience also needed to encourage product engagement and illustrate the knowledge of 10x research scientists, providing equal credentials in an online pharmaceutical world that is busy, competitive, and where innovation is hard to illustrate.

The Solution | Showcasing Product Roadmaps

We created and hosted a virtual conference experience programme that included experience design, ticketing, broadcasting, streaming, networking and content communication to launch 10x Genomics into the online conference scene as leaders in technological development. Launched on our VX platform, Xperience ’21 was delivered via two global sessions and attracted over 5000+ attendees to network, learn about the latest scientific strides made at 10x Genomics, and experience how 10x is expediting the future of bioscience. The audience grew in subsequent years, and the breadth and scope of the events also increased.

A virtual content hub that showcased the 10x Genomics 2021 product roadmap and facilitated live panel sessions with audience Q&A focusing on the company’s Chromium single cell, Visium spatial and In Situ platform.

A rich daily experience schedule in collaboration with scientists worldwide included a range of activations, debates, talks and interviews.

Immersive engagement through AR product launches highlighted unique scientific success stories. These highly anticipated experiences featured new and exclusively streamed content discussed via multiple live breakout panels with interactive Q&A encouraged by experts.

Solving China Streaming

We had the significant challenge of broadcasting the live streams to a diverse audience in China. We solved issues around hardware, software and the Chinese firewall, partnering with global tech behmoth Tencent to license and broadcast into the market at high quality and with low latency. This resulted in a significant Chinese audience being able to join the event, a first in an industry where the Chinese market and scientific community are a huge part of the global ecosystem.

The Results | Encouraging long-term community connection

We captured connections and conversations leading to product sales via the Marketo API integration with VX so that KPI data could be analysed and used for future marketing/outreach. Xperience ‘21 was supported by press releases, a pre and during event social media call-to-action and a series of invite campaigns to keep key stakeholders engaged.

Guests from over eighty-seven countries were able to join Xperience ’21, regardless of time-zone and scheduling differences. The 10x Genomics product map was creatively delivered to stakeholders with buy-in for the future product launches baked in. 10x Genomics benefited from a substantial increase in conversations leading to product sales and the whole team considered this campaign an unqualified success.

“We are incredibly proud of our first Xperience event and have received amazing feedback from across the industry. The team provided invaluable expertise and the VX platform has set a new bar in the life science sector when it comes to producing virtual events. We’re already looking forward to 2022.”

VP Marketing | 10x Genomics