gther | AI Event Assistants to Boost Conversion Rates with GeniePT

Build an AI
assistant to
boost conversion on
your registrations

You can create a module on your registration page that leverages the power of Chat GPT, trained with expert insight on your event, brand and business.

Get prospects the information they need to make a registration decision swiftly and accurately, whilst keeping the conversation focused on the event.

Any language,
any type of event,
anywhere in the world.
Set up in minutes,
save days.

At its heart, GeniePT is a savvy digital concierge, created to ensure that event-goers find exactly what they need without the endless scrolling or searching on cluttered registration sites.

This isn’t your average chatbot though. GeniePT learns and adapts, is highly customizable, and is designed to communicate in your unique brand voice.

GeniePT can answer more than simple questions such as 'What time is the event' or 'How much do tickets cost' - users can ask advanced and tangential questions such as 'What is the easiest way to travel to the venue from the airport?' and 'I'm interested in sustainability – which speaker sessions should I attend?'.

Users can ask questions in any language, and the chatbot will reply fluently, with no delay. Switch language mid-chat and GeniePT follow suit.

Track conversations, spot trends, capture valuable data.

We can provide simple dashboards to understand at a glance the activity across your GeniePT conversations.

Finding trends in how people are interacting is key to fine tuning your marketing and registration page content.

Adapt your approach on the spot, and mitigate the risk of last minute spikes in registrations or drop-off due to buried information.

Our AI is
an open book,
not a black box.

You can't afford to run an AI assistant without understanding everything being said. Be secure in the knowledge that you're in the driving seat.

We provide full monitoring of chat logs, and allow you to step into conversations in real time to interact with users.

Use natural language prompts to control what the bot can and cannot talk about.

VX - Hybrid Events and Community

VX is a fully brandable portal that allows brands and agencies to create immersive, engagement-rich events and communities. Combine livestreams, breakout meetings, content library, immersive experiences, polling and voting, video calls, whiteboarding, chat tools and scheduling and user management. All in a secure package that runs on any device, anywhere in the world.

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Sync - Scheduling and Booking

Centrally book and schedule meetings, sessions, speaker slots and hosted buyer slots. Easily manage your bookings at conferences, tradeshow and networking events and track meeting rooms, stages, tables and transport. Built to scale from global sales teams running 1000s of meetings at 100s of events, right down to a small tradeshow stand with a single table. Communicate easily on site via Email and SMS, sync schedules with your calendar, and set up elegant digital signage.

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RSVP - Event Registration

Brandable and customisable registration landing pages for your events. Integrated with leading CRMs such as Salesforce and Marketo. Build custom forms with a simple visual editor, and easily onboard registrants with automated emails.

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Infinity - Video Screening

It's like Netflix for your events. Present your video content in a professional way on tablets and kiosks. Capture leads, log feedback, manage media playlists so that your sales and marketing teams have all the assets they need at their fingertips. Secure playback, offline capable, rich data. Seamlessly play content from the Infinity tablets and on any connected screen in your stand or chalet with zero latency. No more cable mess, no need for a technician to run your content.

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Organizer - Venue Management

Manage your venue bookings seamlessly across any number of rooms, stages and function rooms. Plan setups, AV and staffing. Track exhibitor bookings and distribution of events across the venue. Increase ROI, utilisation, revenues and time efficiency with realtime reports. Tailor the platform to work across any type of event, with a simple setup process that takes minutes.

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Ticketing - Sell Access to Your Events

Full e-commerce capabilities for your events programme. Sell registrations, products, sessions, packages and ship goods. Flexibly manage orders, set inventory levels, manage tax rules, create coupons and configure discount rules. Integrate with leading payment gateways such as Stripe, PayPal and Braintree, and the Salesforce CRM.

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GeniePT - Your Own AI Event Oracle

A chatbot powered by GPT that's an expert in your event programme. Train in minutes, track conversations, and boost conversion rates on registration sites. You can embed the genie in any existing website or web app to help answer simple questions and give you time back to focus on the important parts of running your events.

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We were incredibly pleased with the platform, and the team at gther. They provided invaluable expertise to make our inaugural Xperience 2021 virtual event a stunning success for our organization, and the platform offered a high quality experience for our attendees.

Vice President of Marketing 10X Genomics

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Best Hybrid Event

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