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gther's Ticketing app is a fullly-fledged e-commerce solution to allow you to manage physical and virtual products in a secure platform.

Take the next step to make more money from your events, and control access to exclusive experiencess and content, with 0% additional payment commission.

Powerful features
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The possibilites with the gther Ticketing platform are huge. Save $10,000s of dollars and months of development time by using our tools out of the box and customising them to meet your specific needs.

Complex products

Create tickets and tie in sub products, packages and linked products. Group them for a simple buying process.

Rich agenda

Save event schedule information, speakers, sessions and other key event and product information.

Full checkout

Comprehensive login, guest checkout, cart, coupon management, checkout, and order management for users and staff.

Coupons and discounts

Create coupons for individuals or groups, and set expiry dates and stock levels. Fine control at your fingertips.

Conditional logic

Set up rules to control how discounts are automatically applied for individuals. Show and hide tickets and sessions.

Payment gateways

We intergrate with leading payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, Stripe and more. If yours isn't listed, just ask!

Permissions and security

Control who can access the ticketing portal, allow guest checkout, new user moderation and privacy controls.

Ironclad emails

Ensure deliverability of emails. Beat firewalls, filters and quarantines. Send from your own domain.

Tax and shipping

Control tax based on ticketing region, event location, buyer address. Set discount and zero rates.

The event platform
that out performs

We were incredibly pleased with the platform, and the team at gther. They provided invaluable expertise to make our inaugural Xperience 2021 virtual event a stunning success for our organization, and the platform offered a high quality experience for our attendees.

Vice President of Marketing 10X Genomics

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