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Case Study: A Virtual Grand Opening

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Belden’s hybrid CIC launch signals bright future for experiential marketing.

The Challenges

Belden Inc, a global leader in high quality signal transmission solutions, have a comprehensive product portfolio they needed to market and with the advent of the pandemic and a growing need for sustainable alternatives to air travel, Belden needed to design & deliver their first global virtual and hybrid event in a way that would capture the depth of their expertise as encapsulated in the two CIC’s.

The Solution | A Virtual Grand Opening

We worked with Belden to deliver their first global hybrid event that included live streaming, motion-graphics, networking and an augmented reality digital twin of the CIC for global visitors to enjoy, and evidence Belden as the center of the global transformation to a connected world.

With the aim to:

  • Unveil the new state-of-the-art virtual CIC.
  • Offer guests unparalleled access to Belden’s new CIC.
  • Create an immersive 3D experience and networking event.
  • Allow Belden’s guests fully-enabled mobile and remote access to CIC.
  • Provide guests with full access to networking sessions with Belden experts.

The Results | A Tangible Return

Through game engine technology, we designed a version of the CIC that excited and enticed with creative elements not possible in real life. With delays to the launch of the physical CIC, Belden were able to launch their online version to a much wider audience via a grand opening ceremony held online via VX.

Our internal stakeholders were blown away by the new format and are already looking forward to the next one! The virtual event enabled us to access our key customers around the globe and kept them engaged throughout. The platform is really strong and complimented the Belden content and speakers perfectly, also allowing our audience to interact in a meaningful way.

Marketing & Communications Manager | Belden

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