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Ditching Excel: how event management software can relieve stress

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Grace Dowling
Grace Dowling
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At gther, we know events, so we know about the pressure that comes with event planning. In a culture where working over-time is normalised and high levels of stress are seen as inevitable, thinking strategically about time management and resources is more important than ever.

And while programmes like Excel might feel like the only option when it comes to scheduling, managing meetings, or allocating resources, they often hinder more than they help.

So much of event management remains a laborious manual process without the right tools. Building an event plan from scratch in Excel is not only wastes time, it also guarantees further administrative burden: think of all the time you spend rooting around in emails for the right excel file, how difficult formatting is, or even how easy small mistakes like typos are.  

Inefficient event management technology leaves you with manual tasks that drain time, energy, and resources. So sure, it’s free, but time costs. And with at least 53% of events managers agreeing that restrictive budgets pose their biggest challenge, the programme you think is saving money might actually be your biggest obstacle.

Getting your time back while staying in control of your event doesn’t have to sound like a paradox. More and more events managers are switching to specialised event management software. Excel isn’t making the cut.

A recent survey concluded that tailored event technology increases events managers’ productivity by 27% – that’s a quarter of your working day back. And we know how precious that time can be. Ensuring that schedules are up to date, and sharing those updates with your team, is time consuming and needlessly stressful. That’s why everything is centralised in Sync. gther’s meeting management solutions have grown from 40 years of experience in events management, providing tailored tools that meet your needs.

Inadequate task management is one of the biggest hindrances of Excel. Everything from meeting spaces, to speaker slots, to transport resources is sorted in Sync. As the events manager, you can set up what you need on the interface and then empower your team by inviting them to manage their own bookings.

Ensuring that wires remain uncrossed (and that rooms are not double booked), Sync ensures that you can easily control visibility permissions and send branded push notifications to your team and delegates.

We know how important reliable communication is for hosting great events. Your event needs to feel as smooth for your clients as it does for you. With branded, automated email invitations and event reminders, Sync eases the burden of manual communication, frees up time, and keeps your guests in the loop.

There’s no need to dread the upheaval of a data transfer either. We integrate with leading CRMs and allow you to import your client lists hassle free.

When on-site, Sync allows you to manage and track attendance. Avoid queues and chaos with our rapid check-in. As a meeting host, you’re notified when your guests arrive, ensuring efficiency and excellent client relationships. Your team can check delegates in from the app with the press of a button, or scan QR codes from any device. Ideal for both global show programmes, with 100s of salespeople running 1,000s of meetings each month, and for smaller individual events, where efficiency and ease of use is key.

Sync tracks crucial data from your events, ensuring that you maximise efficiency and save costs for next time. Understand space utilisation, track deal value across meetings, see whether these meetings are adequately resourced, and seamlessly feed event activity into your CRM to create new deals or update existing ones.

 And there’s no need to rely on statistics alone. Capture feedback from delegates with automated email follow-ups and surveys, all in a ready-made, brandable package.

But gther is more than just tech. We are real people that you can really talk to. We provide you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager from the moment you join us, who will be there to support you throughout our partnership. Our team is an extension of your team and are here to ensure that our products work for you.

Join an established community of clients, such as Disney and BBC Studios, to ensure exceptional events and net savings.

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