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Event management software innovator, gther, announce new leadership team

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Nick Rosier
Nick Rosier
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gther, the next-gen software platform used to deliver engaging, on-brand, and sustainable events across in-person, hybrid and virtual formats, has announced the addition of two industry veterans to its leadership team.

With decades of combined industry experience, Peter Jeavons joins gther as CEO and Nick Rosier as Chief Product and Customer Officer. Together they will spearhead the launch of several innovative products and technologies for event management leaders across the globe.

Peter Jeavons joins gther as CEO to lead the business globally. In a career spanning more than 30 years in the technology industry, he has repeatedly helped businesses drive international growth of their software platforms.
Jeavons said: “I am proud to lead the gther business and excited to bring strong growth and innovation within our products to the physical, digital and hybrid event experience space.”

Rosier joins the gther team with over a decade of experience in production and design, most recently as Content and Digital Director of the leading experiential brand agency 2Heads. His breadth of expertise in technology-driven business development and design, including roles in Japan, Australia, Europe, and the UK, provides a strong foundation for his role at gther.

gther is an award winning, next-gen software platform that delivers a range of event management capabilities powered by the first two products released to the market, VX and Sync.

VX is designed for brands and agencies wanting to create compelling, consistent, and sustainable hybrid and virtual experiences through events. Sync empowers event managers enabling them to provide the ultimate personalised experience for attendees and staff before, during and after their events. Several exciting new modules of the gther platform will be released shortly.

Rosier comments: “With gther, we have created a ‘Swiss army knife’ of event experience solutions that always puts the user and the brand first. Our mantra is human connection, and our mission lies in providing tools to enable the world’s desire to sustainably connect.”



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