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Introducing: Infinity Meeting Screening

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Nick Rosier
Nick Rosier
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Showcasing video content in meetings can be messy…

Connecting to screens, jumpy playback, bad quality audio and difficult to find files can leave you flustered and be a distraction.

We are proud to introduce our new meeting screening tool that is designed to help you streamline your meetings and make them more effective.

High end content deserves high end delivery. With gther, you can save 100s of videos in a slick platform that sorts, presents and plays seamlessly, whether you’re at an event, tradeshow, in the office or on the road.

It’s like Netflix for your meetings.

Infinity is the next generation screening platform to easily manage video content at any meeting. Our tool is packed with useful features that make it a musthave for high end meetings and events teams.

  • Load your content up in our offline ready library simply and securely. Save up to 500 hours of HD footage on each device.
  • Manage all your content in one place, centralise all your information
  • Unique login and accounts for your team. Create personalized playlists to suit any need
  • Update content live through the day during events, store files locally on your dedicated screening tablets.
  • Seamlessly stream content from tablets to meeting room screens with ultra low latency at up to 4K resolution.
  • Organise and locate content with powerful search function
  • See smart suggestions for related content
  • Link video playback stats with meeting and sales data to generate powerful insights on your screening sessions

Run more professional screening and video sharing in meetings, no matter where you are.

Follow the link to try a demo!


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