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Delivering meaningful event experiences is driving tech spend

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Sam Fecteau
Sam Fecteau
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All companies and many agencies run some form of event such as product launches, customer conferences, staff training and briefing sessions. It’s therefore not surprising to find a plethora of event management software solutions available in the market.

The pandemic exacerbated this situation, with organisations that could no longer run physical events, hastily trying to build their own solution or sourcing a generic platform to be able to deliver disappointing virtual events in challenging times.

As the world starts to slowly return to some form of normal, many event planners are hoping/expecting that we will just switch back to in-person events. That’s a little bit like saying that the workforce will all suddenly start working in the office full-time again (perhaps not).

The world of events has already transformed to virtual/hybrid, with the focus on sustainability and handling other challenges such as a ‘cost of living crisis’ being some of the many factors influencing this paradigm shift.

Being able to run a successful event (physical, hybrid or virtual) is very different to delivering a meaningful and memorable event experience. Trying to use a generic software platform to deliver an innovative and engaging event is never going to deliver great results.

As an event organiser you want your attendees to have a high-quality “end-to-end” experience from the point they receive a personalised invite through to when they get meaningful metrics as part of the event follow-up.

So, what’s the answer?

The future of event management software solutions is CLEAR…

Next Generation event experience platforms need to empower agencies and brand-savvy marketeers to deliver Creative experiences, supporting the full event Lifecycle, keeping audiences/attendees Engaged, Adhering fully to compliance and sustainability goals and delivering a measurable and compelling ROI (or Return on Experience).

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