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gther Announces Global Software Launch and Strategic Partnership with Award-Winning Marketing Agency

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gther today announces the official global launch of its next-generation software platform — used to deliver engaging, on-brand, and sustainable events across in-person, hybrid, and virtual formats. The software was developed in conjunction with award-winning marketing agency 2Heads, supporting this important partnership between the two companies. In working with 2Heads, the leading provider of brand experience environments for B2B global organisations, gther teams were able to develop a world-class software platform ‘for event professionals, designed by event professionals’.

The partnership with 2Heads and other agencies will allow gther to further develop the software platform to meet the needs of event attendees, employees and organisers.

gther CEO, Peter Jeavons said, “We are thrilled to open the gther platform to a wider user base and are delighted to showcase its capabilities to build, host, and control ‘end-to-end’ personalised event experiences for brands and agencies globally.”

The gther software platform is initially powered by two primary solutions – VX and SyncVX is a virtual event management platform designed for brands and agencies wanting to create compelling, consistent, and sustainable hybrid and virtual experiences. Sync empowers event managers to provide the ultimate personalised experience for attendees and staff before, during and after in-person events.

Paul Godwin, MD of 2Heads said, “Working with gther teams and using their technology has already allowed us to deliver world-class events for organisations such as Disney, Airbus, 10X Genomics and Belden. Our strategic partnership with gther will allow us to continue to deliver the best possible technology platform for brands looking to create, host, and manage meaningful and sustainable events at any scale, in any geography and in any physical, virtual or hybrid environment.”

About gther

gther is the next-generation software platform used by event management visionaries wanting to deliver the most engaging, on-brand, and sustainable events across in-person, hybrid and virtual formats. Headquartered in the UK, gther provides innovative technologies used by brands and agencies such as Disney, Airbus, WBCSD and 10X Genomics to deliver personalised, immersive event experiences for attendees and employees.

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About 2Heads

2Heads is the leading provider of Brand Experience Environments for B2B Global Giants. As an independent agency with offices located in the UK, USA, France, and Hong Kong, 2Heads has been pioneering the world of B2B brand experiences for nearly 40 years, delivering digitally driven, sustainably designed global projects. The agency has collaborated with some of the world’s leading brands such as BBC Worldwide, Playtech, Bombardier, and Sony to create physical and digital spaces that are purposeful and measurable.

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