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Product Preview: Genuine Connections – Building your last ever community app

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Nick Rosier
Nick Rosier
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Redefining event attendance

Events, often perceived as isolated touch points, come and go, leaving a brief imprint on attendees’ memories. Instead of one-time touchpoints, let’s turn them into the starting line for enduring communities. Rather than treating events as standalone spectacles, it’s high time we view them as strategic opportunities, vital anchors in a more extensive communication campaign. It’s not just about the event; it’s about the ongoing conversation and building a real relationship with your audience.

By nurturing these events into continuous, thriving communities, we not only extend the conversation, but also foster deeper relationships, ensuring that the connection between brand and audience is not just momentary, but perennial.

One app to drive year-round attention

Leading brands understand that events aren’t just calendar entries, but springboards into lasting engagement. In this dynamic landscape, the need for a unified platform is paramount.

Enter the gther community app: a singular hub tailored for brands aiming for that perpetual connection. With one download, users unlock a universe of brand updates, live events, and archival content. Registration for upcoming gatherings, revisiting past highlights, or simply staying in the loop — it’s all here, all in one place. Why dilute the experience with multiple download-and-forget apps or microsites when you can centralize and amplify it?

Furthermore, in an age where email inboxes are cluttered and messages often go unnoticed, the power of our app’s push notifications shines through. These instant alerts guarantee immediate attention, elevating the engagement level to new heights. Why opt for fragmented experiences when you can centralize and elevate?

Are you an early adopter?

We’re launching the new and improved app for a key brand at Climate Week New York. Want to be part of the early adopters?

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