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Why Event technology matters to sales representatives

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Grace Dowling
Grace Dowling
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Event technology is not just about management. Its benefits can often seem targeted to those in charge of the event strategy and its budgets; as a salesperson, it’s easy to assume that event technology has little to offer you. Indeed, the very words ‘event technology’ might induce eye-rolling as you begin to think of the administrative burden it might bring with it. ‘Here comes another piece of software you need to try and get your head around,’ it announces.

These judgments are understandable: as an overburdened sales representative used to being run off your feet, we know that the last thing you want is more tasks to complete. But what if event technology was tailored to your needs? What if it was easy to use (yes, able to sync to your CRM)? What if it could make life a little bit less stressful by turning manual tasks into automatic ones?

Event technology may seem like a frivolous excess, but it is actually the tool that can help you maximise cost efficiency and save on stress. With dozens of years of experience in event management under our belt, we have created Sync, a platform designed to meet the needs of sales teams as much as event managers. A solid platform designed for use at events can save you hours of manual work transcribing notes, sorting contacts, and entering data into your CRM, allowing you to focus on building and converting your pipeline.

Our solution: a simple app that lets sales people track their schedule throughout an event, instantly book meetings at an available location, take notes and qualify with a few taps, and export this data back to a CRM. Crucially, this lightweight tool can be used across any event, freeing you from relying on multiple organiser-owned apps that lock your data in.

Improve your brand image

Show prospective clients that you mean business: don’t leave delegates waiting for you in the chaos of check-in. Instead, know when guests have arrived with an app notification from the reception the second they check-in. Forbes reports on the importance of first impressions for businesses and entrepreneurs, concluding that the people create an image of who you are in the first seven seconds of meeting you.[1] The first few moments that a prospect meets your brand is an essential time to build an impression. Sync ensures that you can make sure you’re in the right place at the right time, stress-free.

Research shows that 65% of event planners adjust requirements due to budget constraints. [2] As a salesperson, it is easy to feel helpless in the face of these forces, left to shoulder the burden of ensuring an excellent experience for delegates within a less-than-perfect environment. However, with Sync, there’s no need to worry that lower budgets will negatively impact the experience you can offer prospects. Sync delivers efficient scheduling, communication and coordination for you, the wider sales team, and your delegates, enhancing your brand-image while saving you administrative stress.

Furthermore, you can stay in control of your meeting space with instantly bookable rooms and easy-to-use meeting signage. With a personalised schedule, you can see what is happening where, which rooms are available, and access updates in realtime in a hectic event environment. Simply put, Sync ensures that your prospects are taken care of while minimising the time you spend shepherding prospects to meeting rooms. You can also feel empowered to accommodate ad-hoc meetings stress-free by booking rooms independently of an event manager.

Easily enhance lead generation

One of the biggest challenges at events is knowing who the valuable prospects are. Not only do you have a limited window to make meaningful connections, but the grimacing odds also suggest that 80% of new leads never turn into sales.[3] Sync offers effective lead generation that doesn’t tax sales reps by ensuring you don’t waste valuable time and resources on unqualified leads.

Track your meetings wherever they happen, whether onsite or off-site. In an ideal world, all important interactions would happen at the sales booth. But that’s not what client relationships are about. At gther, we recognise the importance of personalisation for enhancing prospect relationships and understand that you need to log interactions at dinners, drinks, or anywhere else that is not the event-stand. By enabling you to log every touchpoint with prospects, Sync ensures that the post-show reconciliation and outreach is far faster and more productive.

With Sync, you can link meetings to deals or leads. Use resources efficiently by getting a better understanding of the purpose of a meeting. You can log this touchpoint against the bigger picture of the deal, thus attaching a dollar value against each touchpoint. Are the most profitable meetings adequately resourced? Who is consistently turning up to your events? Knowing what happens when and where enables you to understand the likelihood of positive return on investment.

Stress-free communications

After a day run-off your feet at an event, the last thing you want to do is send follow-up emails, because an email is never just an email. You need to forge lasting relationships with prospects, reassuring them that they want to work with you. Ensure fast and professional quality communications with Sync both during and after the event. Use Sync’s message templates to send updates about last minute schedule or room changes during the day, and follow-up with automatic branded emails at the end of the day. Our event technology puts your brand first.
Communication isn’t just for clients. Events mean teamwork, so you need a reliable way to communicate with your team. With Sync’s in-app messaging and notifications, ensure you never miss out on important information. No more Whatsapp group chats or unread emails. Centralise communications in Sync.

Stay in control of your event by booking a free demonstration of Sync today.

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