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Why Excel isn’t good enough for Tradeshows.

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Grace Dowling
Grace Dowling
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Event management software is becoming increasingly attuned to the demands of the fast-paced, global events industry. Yet so much of the organisation and execution of tradeshows is more difficult than it needs to be. With 53% of events managers agreeing that restrictive budgets are their biggest challenge, Excel may feel like a non-negotiable despite the fact it is draining valuable time and resources.

That somewhat-chaotic spreadsheet you use to plan the event demands hours of your time to organise it. And it only continues to do so during the event, with registration and ticketing left as manual processes. After all, Excel is not technology built for event managers. It lacks the tailored features like centralised management and source control that would increase job satisfaction (and general sanity).

On the more extreme side of event management mayhem stories, a client once explained that they decided to switch to dedicated event management software after a lack of source control on Excel meant that their spreadsheet was unwittingly deleted just a few days before the event. But you don’t have to experience catastrophe to know that event management with Excel is needlessly stressful.

If you’re fed-up of feeling like everyone’s PA on the run-up to a tradeshow, then centralised management is key. But we could have told you that without 40 years of experience in events. What we couldn’t have done without that experience was build software designed to save events teams time. By collaborating with events and sales leaders across global industries, we’ve responded to some of the biggest challenges overworked events managers face with Sync.

Sync substitutes endless email chains and trawling through spreadsheets for a platform that allows you to manage 1,000s of meetings across 100s of staff. Empower sales team to take on the management of their own bookings, saving you the stress of being the only person with access to what slots are available when.

We know events are all about teamwork, so we prioritise clear and simple communication. This ethos remains on tradeshow day: automatically send push notifications to your team and notify salespeople once their guests have been checked-in. Everyone can be where they need to be, when they need to be.

Efficiency ensures maximum satisfaction for you and your delegates. Not only are complicated spreadsheets a nightmare for you to take on site, but they’re also far from ideal for a reception team. With Sync, your team can check delegates in with the press of a button, or scan QR codes from any device with no downloads.

Elevate your space by deploying clear digital signage for meeting spaces. Sync puts you in control of your event and can accommodate the unexpected: instantly see what rooms are available so that unscheduled meetings are never a problem.

Make data driven decisions to maximise efficiency and ensure excellence. Sync gives you live data reports at your fingertips, allowing you to adapt and refine your events in real-time. Integrate with Salesforce and their CRMs for a live data-feed. Track key event statistics such as space usage, team utilisation and meeting value to ensure you are getting the most out of your budget and your event. Capture and export that data too. You can download it in any format, and then import it into your CRM of choice.

Since sync I have regained my personal sanity …and that is priceless”.

– General Tradeshows Manager

Looking to enhance your tradeshow? Introducing RSVP & GeniePT

With RSVP you can see event registrations, book meetings with sales teams in advance of your event, and anticipate the dietary and accessibility requirements of your guests. Meanwhile, registrants can select the sessions they want to attend. Put your brand first from the outset with our custom registration form builder. Stocked with pre-built, code-free templates, RSVP enhances your brand’s presence. With the ability to integrate with your CRM and payment gateway, RSVP promises to be hassle-free. Registering for events has never looked better.

Anticipate your delegates’ needs while saving time and resources with GeniePT. You can train this AI Chat assistant in the run-up to your event, equipping it to tackle simple questions from attendees. It can also contact specific individuals and direct delegates around the local area and make recommended speaker sessions based on personal interests.

gther helps you maximise efficiency while giving time back to events team. Our programmes are flexible and reliable, meaning they can meet your every event need.

Save time battling with spreadsheets and alleviate the stress of planning events by booking a demonstration today.


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